Maximize Machine Uptime


100% Quality controlled assurance of dependable trouble-free wear life.  


Quality Control and Production.

A 16-step quality-control procedure insures a defect-free product. We continuously certify, test and validate procedures. All raw materials, suppliers and incoming shipments must meet tough standards. SPC and process modeling control material properties and maintain high yield rates.

Backing Steels.

Wexco backing steels include JP38 Micro-alloy, 4140, 1020, 1026 AISI base steels for most applications. 316SS is used in applications requiring FDA approval, 304SS, Carpenter 20CB-3 and other stainless products are also utilized. Special alloys include Hastelloy C276, Haynes 242, 625, 718 and 720 Inconel.

Alloy Inlays.

A precise analysis and weighing of inlay chemistry is performed prior to the furnace cycle. The alloy is then uniformly placed into the bore length along with a proprietary fluxing mixture to provide an integrated bond between base metal and the inlay.

Furnace Heating.

The engineered control system on the Wexco designed furnace delivers precise time and temperature cycles. These are critical to lining formation and dimensional stability. The monitoring system tells us precisely when to remove the cylinder from the furnace.

Centrifugal Casting.

Rapid rotational velocity ensures uniform inlay dispersion, density, thickness and hardness. Then controlled cooling transforms metallic structure and prevents distortion. The Wexco process is so consistent that temperature related defects are virtually non-existent and lining hardness is controlled to 3-sigma.


Inside diameters are ground to precise dimension. Then the straightness, concentricity (TIR) and hardness are confirmed. After all quality requirements are satisfied, the cylinder is polished to the specified finish.


We use electron discharge machining (EDM), wire EDM and traditional machining to achieve the most complex configurations. A close attention to detail ensures that finished cylinders are free of stress.

Final Inspection.

We give each cylinder one more final inspection to certify that it is defect free and in tolerance.

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