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Size and product types

Size range capabilities

  • Injection cylinders: Minimum ½” (12.7 mm) to maximum 6” (152mm) bore size. Cylinders above 125mm bore size may require special construction.

  • Extrusion cylinders: Minimum ½” (12.7mm) to maximum 14” (355mm) bore size. Maximum overall length 280” (7112mm).

  • Twin bore cylinders – segment liners in ID sizes from 25MM to 200MM and lengths from 90MM to 750 MM. Contact Wexco for capabilities on Twin bore barrels assemblies.

Product type capabilities

  • Monolithic and bimetallic process cylinders

  • Injection and blow molding machine barrels

  • Single and twin bore extrusion barrels

  • Ultra-pure process cylinders – medical and pharmaceutical

  • Thixotropic process cylinders

  • Food and chemical process cylinders

  • As-cast barrel liners, blanks and semi-finished cylinders

  • Twin segment liners

  • Specialty barrels, liners and cylinders

  • Feed throat housing assemblies and barrel end components

  • Geometry capabilities include ID grooves, OD copper wrap spirals, thermal jacketed cylinders, taper lock or gate flanges, OD threads

  • Inconel end face protection

  • Mounting flanges

  • Removable and fixed discharge flanges

  • Pressure, vent, feed and other EDM installed openings to the bore


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