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Wexco introduces new (patent pending) heavy duty Dura 686XL™ inlay
November 2008- Improved durability, increased abrasion wear resistance, lower coefficient of friction and a broad range of compatibility with flight hard facing materials are key features of  the new patent pending Dura 686XL™ bimetallic alloy introduced by barrel maker Wexco Corporation of Lynchburg, Virginia.  After several years of development and testing Wexco unveiled a new  proprietary alloy chemistry that is formulated primarily for high speed, commodity resin applications produced in blow and injection molding machinery.  However the 686XL barrel can be employed for any molding or extrusion application where a standard lining is used and greater durability is desired.

Wexco 777 Improved with the Durocast™ spherical carbide chemistry
August 2008 - 777 bore inlay has been modified to include the Durocast tungsten carbide chemistry. Wexco began working with the spherical carbide in 2000 and introduced the Durocast ™ product in 2001. Since that time further advancements in the casting process, uniformity of carbide dispersion and wear resistance have been realized. Over time it made sense to apply the benefits of the improved technology to our primary 777 carbide product.

Wexco expands its Latin American sales support
April 2008 the addition of multi-lingual customer service with the appointment of Veronica Reid as sales and marketing coordinator for Latin American communications.

August 2008 Wexco launches Plastico del Technologica web product show room portal.

Verónica inicia en WEXCO Corporation en Febrero de 2008. La Señora Reíd habla en tres idiomas - español, alemán inglés. Ella estudió Comercio Internacional en el Instituto Superior Alemán de Comercio en Santiago de Chile. Verónica tiene experiencia en la industria del plástico, comunicaciones extranjeras y la conducción de negocios internacionales. Su experiencia previa incluye el desarrollo comercial, estrategia de ventas así como asistencia técnica en la industria de inyección y extrusión en Chile para BASF Corporation. Verónica trabaja en conjunto con el departamento de ventas para facilitar operaciones comerciales, logísticas, la traducción y la comunicación con los clientes de América Latina.




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