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Catalyst and specialty extrusion

Wexco: special process barrel
feed section
Mastic extruder photos courtesy of Diamond America

Wexco manufactures wear resistant process cylinders and bore liners for catalyst and specialty extrusion machines used in forming, feeding, pelletizing and material handling of chemicals, sealants, ceramics, adhesives, mastics, minerals and foods. Wexco 555, 666, 777 Durocast and B022 trademark alloys are found worldwide operating in mild to severe abrasion and corrosion wear environments.

Most extrusion machines used in catalyst and special materials extrusion are custom engineered to fit the intended application. They include numerous different feed screw, auger and barrel configurations designed to accommodate processes ranging from the feeding and forming of chemical powder, paste, and minerals to the extrusion of highly viscous compounds. Rigorous demands are placed on the extruder screw and barrel assembly requiring that components adhere to rigid tolerances and have durability when subjected to aggressive wear environments, high temperatures, pressures and the forces necessary to extrude stiff and hard to handle materials. When applications get tough machine makers, rebuilders, screw manufacturers and equipment distributors depend on Wexco to supply dependable quality, expertise and service.

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