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Food processing and extrusion

Refurbished Pasta extruder barrel

Single and twin screw extrusion is used to process a varity of foods for human and pet consumption. Common extruded foods include sausages, processed meats, dough, pasta, cereals, snack foods, candy and animal feeds. Wexco manufactures monolithic Stainless steel and bimetallic specialty process cylinders for ultra pure applications. The Wexco trademark B022, 555 and 777 alloys are FDA recognized as suitable barrel bore materials for food process applications.

Food process extruders for the most part are single or twin screw design. There are various different equipment types and many custom designed machines. Each machine is configured for the specific application. General types include single screw cooking, continuous pasta, dough, pelletizing extruders and co and counter rotating twin screw extruders. It is imperative to use acceptable alloys for the construction of the component surfaces that come into contact with the food materials being processed. The barrel ID surface must be compatible with the feed screw and the material being worked. Of equal importance is resistance to abrasion and corrosion wear. Pitting of the ID surface can cause a stagnation of the material being processed leading to degradation and contamination. Significant abrasion wear can result in foreign elements being present in the end product. Wexco produces both single alloy and bimetallic barrels suitable for ultra pure processes. Wexco B022, 555 and 777 bimetallic alloys are FDA recognized as suitable materials in food applications.

Specialty Food Cylinders:

Wexco manufactures a variity of custom and special design cylinders and liners used for various food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications (Pet food extrusion, Food extrusion, Pasta Extrusion, Specialty food process cylinders, FDA food process cylinder materials). Weather the application includes melting, heating, cooling, crystallization, reaction control, blending or mixing we have a wear resistant cylinder to meet the process demands. Bring Wexco your wear challenge!

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