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Petroleum chemical- well drilling and pump cylinders

Wexco manufactures wear resistant centrifugal cast bimetal cylinder liners for down-hole, surface and sub-surface reciprocating rod plunger pumps for petroleum, chemical and fluid treatment environments.

Reciprocating pumps are found in oil field, well drilling, fluid transfer, fluid & waste water treatment, bio-waste and other fluid pumping applications. Wexco bi-metal liners are made using a rapid acceleration –high velocity casting process that insures an inseparable metallurgical bond between the machine-able backing material and the wear resistant interior surface of the liner. Bimetallic liners are easy to work with and readily adaptable to many different design configurations. Wexco cylinder liners are original specification on some popular heavy-duty pumps and offered as upgrade options in other cases. Wexco alloys are in use worldwide operating in mild to severe abrasion and corrosion pumping environments.

  • WEXCO 555 corrosive nickel chromium alloy
  • WEXCO 666 abrasion iron boron alloy
  • WEXCO 777-Durocast severe abrasion tungsten carbide/nickel alloy

In well drilling and pumping applications, corrosive or abrasive fluids are pumped via reciprocating piston-plunger type pumps. The cylinder generally contains a piston or plunger custom fit inside of a replaceable liner. The plunger reciprocates inside the cylinder thus pumping fluid that is drawn to the surface and expelled from discharge cavities or chambers. The fluid pumped can contain sand, dirt and other gritty particles and is often corrosive. This hostile operating environment causes severe and rapid wear on the piston and cylinder liner inner surface. To ensure maximum cylinder liner and plunger life it is important for liners to have a hard abrasion and corrosion resistant interior. The liner design must also be adequate to endure the pressures and forces that act upon it.

Pump equipment manufacturers for Down hole pump cylinders, Chemical pumping, well drilling pump cylinders, down hole plunger barrels, Reciprocating rod plunger pump barrels, and Chemical pumping depend on Wexco when it comes to delivering dependable component life and peak production.

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