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Silicone injection molding and extrusion

EC110 liquid injection machine
Silicone Extruder
Photo courtesy of Toshiba machine Company
Photo courtesy of America Kuhne, Inc.

Wexco manufactures custom bimetallic barrels for all types of LSR molding and extrusion applications, some include Silicone injection molding, LSR molding machines, Silicone extrusion barrels, Bimetallic barrels, and LSR molding. We work with system designers and machine builders to equip Silicone processes from ultra-pure medical, pharmaceutical and food to heavy industrial applications. Wexco products are found worldwide operating in mild to severe abrasion and corrosion wear environments.

  • Alloys for the full range of LSR and elastomer process environments.

  • Wear solutions from complex to general-purpose applications.

  • High performance alloys to sustain wear life and peak production.

  • Custom design or manufactured to print.

Wexco B022 barrel face

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding and extrusion applications have become popular in recent times. Materials such as Fluorosilicone (FLSR) are specified for gaskets, seals and parts on food equipment, medical devices, analytical instruments telecommunications and automotive parts. Companies processing LSR compounds face challenges to produce acceptable part yields. An optimized process requires special screw and barrel design to achieve acceptable yield. In many cases process environments include abrasive and corrosive wear conditions. Abrasion wear caused by fillers causes contamination by metal particles. Other applications include severe corrosion wear. Corrosion causes pitting which results in premature curing or scorching. In most applications contamination is not acceptable. Wexco B022, 555 and 777 alloys are FDA recognized as suitable bore materials for food, medical and drug applications. Weather the process environment is mildly to highly corrosive, abrasive or a combination of both we have an alloy for the application. B022 is an iron free alloy with no porosities. In Ultra pure applications insist on the corrosion champ Wexco.

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