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Electrode EDM Machining

Electrode EDM MachiningElectrode EDM Machining

Electrode EDM machining also known as Ram, Sinker, Plunger and Conventional electrical discharge machining utilizes a custom-made electrode to remove metal in a detailed pattern. Wexco utilizes five manual electrode EDM machines to install detail geometries into large and long work pieces. Our work envelope reaches 48” width X 36” height and depending on part type is open and will accept long pieces. Wexco equipment is commonly used to install precision grooves and other geometries such as port openings into the inner bore diameter of various cylindrical pieces.

Plunger EDM capabilities

  • 5 Manual machines
  • Production finishes to 16 RA
  • Accuracy to 0.001”
  • Work Envelope 36” H X 48” W (length open)

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