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Bimetallic alloys

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Wexco produces Abrasion resistant alloys, Corrosion resistant alloys, Durocast, Dura686XL, Tungsten Carbide Alloys, Spun cast barrels and more.

The term “bimetallic” indicates that two different metals are inseparably bonded together in a high-temperature furnace. The two metals are heated in a controlled furnace to temperatures above 2000°F. After the required cycle and melting of the inner alloy the cylinder is removed from the furnace, placed onto centrifugal casting rolls which subject it to rapid high velocity rotation ensuring a uniform inlay dispersion, density, thickness and hardness. Subsequent controlled cooling prevents distortion and transforms metallic structure into a super hard uniform lining in the cylinder bore that is later precision honed to ID specifications. Typical inlay thickness is .050”. Double and triple inlay thicknesses are available for specific applications. We offer several spun cast barrel-lining alloys (inlay) and also bimetallic options that are produced through hot Isostatic pressing (HIP) and single piece CPM10V® lined cylinders.

General purpose- abrasion resistant

666™ iron boron

Heavy Duty -General purpose

Dura 686XL (patent pending)

Highly abrasion-resistant

777 ™Durocast carbide

5-year extended wear guarantee

Durocast ™ premium

Tool steel lined

CPM 10V ®Tool Steel

Moderately corrosion-resistant

555™ high nickel alloy

Highly corrosion-resistant

BO22 ™hot Isostatic pressing process
Nitride barrels Nitride vs. Bimetallic

Corrosion Resistant Alloys
555™ is a nickel base alloy with high chromium for corrosion resistance against hydrochloric and other acids. It has a dual-phase microstructure with complex borides that provide excellent wear resistance. It provides a typical hardness range of Rockwell C 50-55.

BO-22™ is ideal for processing Fluoropolymers and other severely corrosive resins. It is a nickel-rich, boron-base alloy that contains molybdenum, chrome, and is nickel enriched with complex borides and carbides. The chemistry allows B022 to maintain high temperature hardness above Rockwell C 50 at 700 degrees Fahrenheit. BO-22 bimetallic liners are made using a low temperature hot Isostatic pressing process that allows for an iron free liner with no porosities. Molybdenum and its alloying elements are superior in corrosion resistance against halogen containing elements. This reduces the acid attack on the liner as compared with conventional nickel-cobalt liners made by competing manufacturers.

555 and B022 alloys are FDA recognized as suitable bore materials for processing plastics in food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

General Purpose Alloys
666™ is a tough general-purpose nickel-chrome alloy liner with boron and silicon hardening agents. It provides a service life of at least four times that of nitride barrels, and a hardness range of Rockwell C 60-63.

CPM10V® lined Wexco bimetal tool steel cylinders combine an abrasion resistant through-hardened Crucible Vanadium tool steel with Wexco´s patented single-piece, non-segmented liner construction (patent # 6887322B2) . 10V lined barrels serve well for general purpose applications up to glass filled abrasion conditions in bore sizes of 50MM and down.

Dura 686XL (patent pending) is a proprietary alloy chemistry formulated for high speed, applications in blow mold and injection molding machinery. However 686XL can be employed for any molding or extrusion applications where a standard lining is now used and greater durability is desired.

Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Alloys
777- Durocast™ has been upgraded to the Durocast spherical-shaped tungsten-carbide alloy bound in a chromium-nickel matrix to provide superior abrasion and corrosion wear resistance. The 777 Durocast alloy typically provides up to three times the life of standard iron boron alloys and up to eight times the wear life of standard nitride type barrels. The inlay’s overall hardness is in the range of Rockwell C 65 with micro hardness beyond C 70. Ideal for protecting against wear when processing glass and mineral filled resins. 777 is recognized by the FDA as a suitable material for bore protection in pharmaceutical, food and medical applications.

DUROCAST™-premium The Durocast premium product combines the 777 spherical tungsten carbide alloy with a .010" or less, 5 year wear guarantee from the date sold.

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