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Thixomolding® components

Wexco is licensed worldwide by Thixomat® as the bimetal barrel manufacturer and supplier of Thixomolding® system components. All genuine Thixomat components are available thru Wexco- Barrel, screw, valve and end cap.

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High Endurance Thixo-BM™

Thixo-BM is a bimetallic cylinder designed for long life in thixotropic magnesium injection molding applications. The cylinder is constructed of proprietary Wexco alloys which exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion, fatigue and abrasion wear. The Thixo-BM™ barrel utilizes a special chemistry of cobalt-chromium that is centrifugally cast into a liner that is then shrunk fit into a custom designed high nickel backing shell. The assembly is then subjected to a proprietary heat treatment and stress relief process. The bimetal two-piece construction delivers a superior structural and wear performance as compared to single piece design. Productive wear life of the Thixo-BM™ cylinder exceeds 1,000,000 thixotropic molding cycles in field observations.

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Standard JSW replacement sizes


220 Ton, 51 MM bore


280 Ton, 51 MM bore


450 Ton, 66 MM bore


650 Ton, 92 MM bore


850 Ton, 110 MM bore

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