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Extruder barrels – twin screw design

The Wexco Corporation began in business by making twin screw extrusion cylinder liners for Welding Engineers, Inc. in 1975. Today we produce bimetal liners used in the manufacture of segmented and non-segmented twin screw extrusion machine cylinders of all makes. In addition we manufacture complete twin bore bimetallic and nitrided barrels used in co-rotating and counter-rotating "twin-screw" extruders. Wexco barrels are found world wide in continuous extrusion, compounding and other twin bore extrusion applications.

  • Alloys for the full range of process environments.
  • Wear solutions from complex to general purpose applications.
  • Maximum component life and optimum production.
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Wexco Inlay

Wear Environments


Medium corrosion and moderate abrasion.


Severe corrosion and medium abrasion- Fluoropolymer and processes containing halogens.


Moderate to heavy abrasion in bore diameter sizes 50MM and below.


General purpose – moderate abrasion and mild corrosion.

Dura 686XL (patent pending)

Heavy duty- general purpose, high screw speed, abrasion and mild corrosion.

777- Durocast

Heavy duty abrasion and medium corrosion in glass filled resin applications.

Durocast premium

Heavy duty abrasion and medium corrosion with a. 010" or less 5 year wear guarantee.

Polymer to barrel inlay cross reference
Wexco inlay to screw material compatibility guide

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