Maximize Machine Uptime

Thermoset Injection molding

Wexco manufactures bimetallic barrels and liners for all makes and types of thermoset injection molding machinery. Wexco products are found worldwide operating in mild to severe abrasion and corrosion wear environments.

  • BMC and phenolic design experience
  • Wear solutions from standard to extreme abrasion
  • High performance alloys that sustain life and peak production.
  • Custom engineered or manufactured to specifications.
  • Thermal jackets and auxiliary flanges

The barrel and screw assembly is critical to achieving an optimum process in thermoset applications. Energy transfer and accurate control of temperature zones is vital to prevent premature cross-linking of the material in the barrel. Thermal jackets positioned around the outer diameter of the barrel and arranged in two or more control zones typically control process temperatures. Barrel outer diameters are designed with OD grooves to accommodate circulating thermal fluid. Length to diameter ratios are lower than that found in thermoplastic molding. The optimum L/D depends on the machine's capacity and the material processed. Most thermoset machines have L/D ratios of 12:1 to 15:1. Thermoset materials are often reinforced with mineral and fiber fillers that create an extreme wear environment. Wexco recommends a barrel lined with 777-Durocast® tungsten carbide alloy to sustain life and productivity.

The majority of machine makers, rebuilders, screw manufacturers and equipment distributors depend on Wexco to meet the tough demands of durability encountered in Thermoset molding environments.

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