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Benefits of bimetallic barrel construction

Wexco offers all types of bimetallic barrels for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machinery. Centrifugal casting creates an inseparable bond between a high-strength backing steel and the appropriate super wear-resistant alloy liner. In addition to centrifugal cast bimetallic barrels, we offer bimetal HIP, CPM lined cylinders and custom engineered single alloy barrels constructed from application specific metals. Wexco barrels are designed to maximize wear life and sustain optimum production levels.

Increased wear life and optimum process performance: Bimetal construction provides a protective wear surface fused to the high strength backing material. The design delivers efficient energy transfer between the bore and the backing material. This characteristic allows for rapid detection of process condition changes, quick response to heat and cool commands, precise control and uniformity of barrel zone temperatures. The engineered ID lining improves component compatibility between the screw and barrel wear surfaces, minimizes the wear gap and prolongs productive life.

Features Benefits
Inseparable Inlay bond Efficient energy transfer
High performance backing Strength resistance to fatigue
Bimetallic bore inlay Increased screw & barrel life
Bimetal construction Increased process control
Engineered design Optimum performance
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